Aerial Photography UK wide

I cover much of the UK on a monthly basis, using aircraft based in SE England, Scotland, Northern England & Wales. Costs per site are between £200 - £390, dependent upon flying time. Discounts are available for more than one site. The more we shoot on any one flight, the lower the rates.

You get a cd of 40-50 images per site, shot all around the site, close up, and wide to show context. Our photography is shot on a 46m pixel camera, creating image files capable of significant enlargement for display, or to enlarge up to show detail on the ground.

This is me in an aircraft, not a drone, I can think and react to what I see during our circuit around site, ensuring we get the best out of every location in terms of site content and surrounding context. Be aware that drones are legally limited to 400 feet and cannot produce shots of larger sites, which normally are shot from 1500 feet upwards, nor can they be flown legally over built up areas.

I fly the south east, and much of northern England every two weeks, so ring 01977 621100 for best rates, or email


Mersey Gateway for Knight Architects

Mersey Gateway for Knight Architects


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