Our Industry Fee Rates / by Paul White

A recent survey of photographers fees by the excellent people at Eposure, showed a staggering range of charges for day rates, from £100 up to £2000+.

The majority were in the middle, in the range of £5-600. this may sound a lot but considering that most of us only work one or two days a week, and overheads account for about 50% of fees, this is about right. 

What was deeply disturbing, was that some 23% valued themselves so low that they were charging less than £400 per day, of that 5% less than £200 per day and 1% less than £100 per day!

Come on folks get real! If clients have to see us as professionals we need to price our work as professionals and not give it away, stupid fees only devalue what we do. I personally have £30k worth of equipment which needs replacing every 3-4 years, and most photographers I know are the same. 

There endeth the rant.